Little Change in Peas

PANAMA - Oct 18/19 - SNS -- International field pea markets were little changed during the past week with offers from growers and processors fairly balanced with the short term needs of end users and exporters.

The North American harvest is now in its final stages, with 96% of the Saskatchewan crop and 95.3% of Alberta's in the bin by the middle of October. Normally, the harvest is virtually complete by that time.

Crops remaining in fields have experienced numerous weather events, which are believed to have reduced both average yields and quality in fields which were not harvested as the month got underway.

Quiet, Worry Filled Week in Chickpeas

PANAMA - Oct 18/19 - SNS -- International chickpea markets maintained their relatively quiet tone through the past week, though North American domestic markets are showing some strength because of worries about the harvest.

Relatively good progress has been made in the United States, while Canada's harvest is moving forward at an unusually slow pace. By the middle of October, 43% of the crop was in the bin, compared to 80% at the same time last year and the recent average of 77% complete.

The U.S. harvest is further advanced, with Idaho reporting that 83% of all dry beans and chickpeas grown in the state were in the bin as the week got underway. Farmers in Montana had harvested 93% of their crop, while the harvest was virtually complete in Oregon. The North Dakota bean and chickpea harvest was 53% complete as the week got underway, down from 94% last year.

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