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Field Pea Markets Converging

PANAMA - Jul 16/24 - SNS -- Spot and new crop values for field peas are continuing to converge in the face of initial harvest activity in the United States, though despite below average crop development in parts of the Canadian growing area.

There remains underlying optimism about the depth of opening season export demand, especially for yellow peas given India's decision to allow duty free imports for product shipped with on board bills of lading on or before October 31.

On the other hand, there are growing doubts the period will be further extended if India sees an increase in area sown to pulses during the current kharif season planting window.

Field Pea Imports By Spain Continue Soft Tendency

PANAMA - Jul 16/24 - SNS -- Imports of field peas by Spain sank relative to the previous month in May, trade data from Eurostat reveals.

Imports totalled 387 metric tons (MT) for the month, down 87% from the 2,930 MT exported the previous month. Imports so far total 86,767 MT, versus 116,632 in the same period the last calendar year.

France was the largest supplier for the month, shipping 229 MT. Canada was the second most important shipper supplying 113 MT, followed by China at 40 MT.

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