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Half Of U.S. Pea Crop In The Ground

WASHINGTON - May 10/21 - SNS -- Seeding of this year's field pea crop has passed the halfway point, judging from state level reports from the USDA.

Progress remains most advanced in the U.S. pacific northwest, with seeding complete in Oregon and reaching 88% sown in Idaho and 73% complete in Washington state.

Progress in North Dakota is now above average, with 46% of the intended acreage now sown, compared to 26% by this time last year and the recent average of 39% complete.

Bean Seeding Reaches 10% Complete

WASHINGTON - May 10/21 - SNS -- Planting of this year's dry edible bean crop made reasonable progress during the past week, with an estimated 10% of the crop now in the ground, compared to 9% last year.

Progress is most advanced in Washington state, with an estimated 80% of the crop sown, down from 854% at this time last year.

Progress in North Dakota, the most important producing region, remains limited, with 5% sown, compared to 1% at this time last year and the recent average of 4%.

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