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U.S. Pea Harvest Pushing Forward

WASHINGTON - Jul 20/21 - SNS -- The field pea harvest in the United States continued to make progress during the past week, helped by continued dry and hot weather conditions, according to reports from USDA state level offices.

On the other hand, the condition of pea crop deteriorated because of current weather conditions, with growers in some areas saying it is too late for rain to salvage yields.

The proportion of the crop rated in poor or very poor conditions advanced from 43% to 47%, good to excellent slipped from 14% to 13% and the proportion considered in fair condition dropped from 37% to 34%

U.S. Bean Condition Slipping

WASHINGTON - Jul 20/21 - SNS -- Dry edible bean crops in the United States continued to deteriorate over the past week, judging from state level reports from the USDA.

The proportion rated in poor or very poor condition advanced from 27% to 33% because of heat and drought stress in key parts of the growing region. Roughly 28% of fields are rated in good or excellent condition and 38% fair.

Blooming is continuing across the United States, though some states report it is behind last year's pace for middle of July.

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