Bean Harvest 95% Complete

WASHINGTON - Nov 19/19 - SNS -- Harvesting of this year's dry edible crop is in its final stages, with 95% of the crop now in the bin, judging from state level crop updates from the USDA's NASS, with continued delays reported in North Dakota, Minnesota and Michigan

Most states have completed the harvest, but it continues to limp forward in Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota, with late harvested beans showing the effects of poor harvest weather conditions.

This was reflected in solid increases in prices offered to growers for No 1 grade product in both Canada and the United States.

Oil-type Sunflower Imports By Netherlands Record Better Result

PANAMA - Nov 15/19 - SNS -- Netherlands's imports of oil-type sunflowers during September rose sharply, leaping versus the previous month, according to data from Eurostat.

Total imports for the month amounted to 11,149 metric tons (MT), up 159% from the previous month's total of 4,300. So far imports have totalled 340,886 MT, down from 745,230 during the previous calendar year.

Russia was the biggest origin, selling 6,058 MT. Moldova was the second most important supplier shipping 4,275 MT, followed by Ukraine at 815 MT.

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