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India Expects 24.42 MMT Pulses

DELHI - Feb 24/21 - SNS -- Pulse output in India could reach 24.42 million metric tons (MT) across the 2020-21 production cycle, up from 23.03 million last year, but below the record 25.42 million produced in 2017-18.

In its second advance estimates for the current cycle, India's agriculture department said total food grain output could reach a record 303.34 million MT, compared to 297.50 million during 2019-20.

Total production of rice during 2020-21 is estimated at 120.32 million MT, while wheat output is expected to reach 109.24 million MT and coarse cereals 49.36 million MT. Oilseeds output could come in at a record 37.31 million MT.

Sunflower Seed Exports From Kazakhstan Post Better Result

PANAMA - Feb 23/21 - SNS -- Shipments of sunflower seeds for Kazakhstan improved compared to the previous month in December, official data from The Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports.

Shipments during the month totalled 49,903 metric tons (MT), up from 49,212 MT the prior month. This increased exports so far during the calendar year to 258,069, down 52% last year.

The most important consumer throughout the month was Uzbekistan, buying 39,104 MT. China was the second most important buyer buying 7,301 MT, followed by Tajikistan at 2,536 MT.

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