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Field Peas Remain Firm

PANAMA - Sep 22/23 - SNS -- Field pea markets maintained their relatively firm tone through the past week, helped by relatively strong opening season movement and an apparent tightening of stocks on farms.

Rising bids to farmers in Canada and a tightening of spreads between high and low bids helped lift nominal export values.

The greatest strength remains in specialty peas such as maple, followed by greens, with yellows trailing by a wide margin because of a more ample supply situation.

Lentils Fret About India

PANAMA - Sep 22/23 - SNS -- Lentil markets finished the week on an uneasy note, with Canadian exporters fearing further retaliation in the diplomatic row between it and India.

During the past week, India stopped issuing visas to Canadian citizens who want to visit the country claiming "security threats" are disrupting work at its missions in Canada. While still issuing visas, Canada has recalled some diplomatic staff from India, also citing security concerns.

Diplomatic tension eripted early in the week when Canada linked India with the murder of separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar outside a Sikh temple in British Columbia. Canada's prime minister said the country's intelligence agencies were investigating whether "agents of the government of India" were involved in the killing of Nijjar, who was named a terrorist by India in 2020.

Mixed Mood In Birdseeds

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Edible Beans Find Firmer Footing

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Moderate Volatility In Mustard

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