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Spotty Trade For Immediate Shipment

PANAMA - Jun 24/22 - SNS -- Mustard seed markets posted a mixed finish on the week, though they are maintaining an easier undertone, with most market participants now waiting for this year's harvest.

Spreads between spot and new crop markets are wide enough to discourage any stock accumulation in spot markets, with end users only buying when absolutely necessary.

The net effect is demand for mustard seed from growers for immediate delivery is inconsistent, with some still wanting to hold product in the hope they will see a spike in bids before the harvest gets underway.

Quiet Tone In Chickpeas

PANAMA - Jun 24/22 - SNS -- International chickpea markets maintained their quiet tone during the past week, with markets watching the development of northern hemisphere crops.

The amount of land sown to chickpeas in the United States will be known with the USDA's June 30 seeded area report, with markets needing to wait until July 5 for the Canadian estimates.

Planting this year's chickpea crop in both country's has wrapped up, with the only remaining question being the impact competition for acreage in the week's following the seeding intentions estimates have had on the final area.

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