Special Crop Harvest Incomplete

PANAMA - Oct 26/16 - SNS -- Saskatchewan's specialty crop harvest is incomplete, with half of the province's canaryseed and three-quarters of the chickpeas still in the field, according to the last weekly harvest report from the provincial agriculture department.

Farmers were able to harvest all their field peas, but have yet to harvest the last 3% of their lentil fields and the last 21% of the mustard seed crop.

Of all crops grown in the province, only 81% has been harvested, compared to 99% at this time last year and the 10-year average of 96% complete by the end of the third week of October. Progress will continue to be monitored and updated in the final crop report, due on November 24.

No Recovery in S.A. Bean Output

PRETORIA - Oct 26/17 - SNS -- Dry edible bean production in South Africa will not recover in the coming year, with farmers intending to focus on other crops during the summer production season.

In its latest crop report, the South Africa Grain Information Service (SAGIS), said farmers intend to reduce seeded area from 34,400 to 33,000 hectares.

By contrast, farmers intend to boost land in corn 26.5% to 2.46 million hectares, while increasing soybeans 2.6% to 516,000 hectares and groundnuts 48.2% to 33,500 hectares. Along with dry beans, South African farmers say they will decrease land in sorghum by 21% to 38,300 hectares and reduce sunflower plantings 6.8% to 670,000 hectares.

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