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Wrinkled Peas May Have More Health Benefits

LONDON - Oct 27/20 - SNS - Researchers in the United Kingdom believe some new varieties of marrowfat peas could deliver more health benefits than smooth peas because they contain higher levels of resistant starch, preventing sugar spikes in the body after meals.

The work by scientists at Imperial College London, the John Innes Centre, Quadram Institute Bioscience and University of Glasgow, suggests eating whole wrinkled peas or flour produced from them could help people avoid developing type 2 diabetes because sugar spikes after eating are thought to increase the risk of developing the disease.

Dr Katerina Petropoulou, first author of the research from the Centre for Translational and Nutrition Food Research at Imperial College London, notes, "There is much evidence that diets rich in a type of carbohydrate called resistant starch have a positive impact on controlling blood glucose levels, and hence reduce susceptibility to type 2 diabetes."

Bean Harvest Virtually Complete

WASHINGTON - Oct 26/20 - SNS -- This year's dry edible bean and chickpea harvests in the United States are virtually complete, judging from the latest state level reports.

Growers in Colorado and Michigan will soon wrap up the harvest. Weather conditions throughout the harvest were excellent in most growing areas, suggesting this year's grades in the United States will be at the upper end of their historic range.

The overall pace was ahead of both last year and the recent average. By this time last year, the harvest was only 78% complete, while on average another 6% of the crop was left in fields.

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